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Alfresco CE 201707 or 5.2 and HTTPS/SSL Access

Question asked by lsk65 on Apr 16, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2019 by angelborroy

Dear All,


I have now been after this for nearly two weeks and no hope in sight--anywhere!  I need to make it so the app is accessed via HTTPS only.  It will be in an internal network unfortunately with no outside or NAT'd address--ALL INTERNAL!


I have since busted my hump trying all the oh so "sure-fired" ways of making this work.  Every single "hey this is gonna work thread!" I've come across has left me with more questions than answers.


Looking at the "SSL in a production environment" official doc from Alfresco was not very helpful to me. This is because I was never quite sure of what exact entries to make in the Apache/httpd/NginX conf file(s) for sure...


So, in some sort of a pathetic last ditch effort, I am praying someone out there has a "canned solution that works" with either HTTPD or NGINX.  I am running this on RHEL 7.6 so it does not follow the exact file naming conventions.  In other words, it's Apache, but it does not have the aptly named apache2.* files all over creation...Know what I am sayin'?


Anyway, I am in your hands...