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Tags not searchable after migration

Question asked by dshookowsky on Apr 26, 2019
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I'm testing a migration of Alfresco Community 5.2 to Alfresco Community 6.1.2.  I dumped and restored the metadata and copied the contentstore over and did a complete re-index of the repository.  It looks like all of the data is there, but I'm having issues with tags.  


When I look at a folder, I can see tags listed, but when I go to the tag manager, I get "No tags found".  Clicking on the tag from the folder gives me a "No Content Items".



behind the scenes tagQuery is returning an empty list:

"countMin": 0,
"countMax": 0,


Looking at the node in the node browser, I can see that it has a cm:taggable property with all 7 tags listed.


Should I reindex again?  What else should I look at?