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Activiti 6 get all tasks by process definition ID

Question asked by shrutim on May 2, 2019
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I am using Activiti 6.

I am trying to get all the tasks of a process with Task Type. The need is to Save task details , task Id, task type(Start event, user task etc) with Task Id.

If I go by getting Flow Elements from Process , I get Task types but not task Id.

Found this code snippet in one of forum post, but this doesnt work in Activiti 6. Seems like ActivityImpl is replaced ?


if (processDefinition != null) {

for (ActivityImpl activity : processDefinition.get) {

String type = (String) activity.getProperty("type");

String name = (String) activity.getProperty("name");

String taskId = activity.getId();

System.out.println("type: "+type+" name: "+name + " id: " + taskId);

} }

I have recently started with Activiti so quiet naive at it.