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Edit metadata before file upload

Question asked by superdh on May 3, 2019
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I have done many searches on this subject but i can't make what i want after many attempts.


My objective is to customize the upload window to display the "edit metadata" form before the upload :

- Inside a folder which add an aspect on all uploaded files with a rule, the user selects one file on dnd-upload window.

- Instead of sending the file directly, i want to display the same form as in the "edit properties" popup (only for the aspect defined in the rule, the other folders without this aspect keep the same upload window)

- If the metadata are valid, upload the file with the metadata to create a 1.0 version.


Currently, I customized the edit form for the aspect through an extension file and everything works fine, i can see my fields when i edit uploaded file properties :

<config evaluator="aspect" condition="ns:myAspectName">
      <form id="doclib-simple-metadata">


But i can't find a way to display the form on the document upload page and then save the metadata with the file. Is it possible? Can someone explain me the steps to succeed that? Thanks.