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Can't get form data with Rest in Activiti 6

Question asked by nhhao1996 on May 4, 2019
Latest reply on May 7, 2019 by nhhao1996

Hi everyone!

I'm researching about Activiti 6.

When I used version 5.22.0 with Designer plugin in Eclipse, I can create form properties and Activiti Explorer will render into a form for me. I can use GET form/form-data?<taskId> to get form data.

But in Activiti 6, there is no Designer plugin, I create a form in web UI and link it to my user task with referenced form.

When I started my process, I use GET form/form-data?<taskId> to get form data but the response have no form properties:


"formKey": "userinput",
"deploymentId": "7508",
"processDefinitionId": null,
"processDefinitionUrl": null,
"taskId": "7528",
"taskUrl": "",
"formProperties": []


How I can get my form like version 5.22.0?