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Some question about Activiti 6 for newbie

Question asked by nhhao1996 on May 13, 2019
Latest reply on May 15, 2019 by rallegre

Hi everyone!

I'm using Activiti 6 for a few days.

I have 3 question about it and I hope you can answer it for me:

1. Where I should write Java code like in version 5 with Eclipse IDE. In version 5, I create a Activiti project and design workflow, write code in that project. Now is only web UI. How I can do that?

2. I set a variable in form properties of task, how I can get it through REST?

3. Any way to make GET form/form-data return a custom data like a http link without effect to workflow. I tried to set a link in expression but if I set variable too, the value return will be null.

Thanks for your help!