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Alfresco 6.0 Replication -  Best Practices required.

Question asked by murthyhotha on May 15, 2019
Latest reply on May 20, 2019 by heiko.robert


Someone please help me in finding out the best practices for Handling Alfresco 6 replication, keeping below in mind.


  • Need to handle Content replication between 2 geographically located Alfresco servers on AWS.
  • Document Library Replication thru replication jobs - Clear about this and is working fine.
  • Need a strategy for DB(PostgreSQL) Replication handling users/groups and Document Revisions.
  • Can we have Content Replication and DB Replication same time...! coz, noticed Content replication inserting nodes DB, having both DB and Content Replication could cause any duplicate issues.


Any pointers ... much appreciated.


Thanks a lot in advance.