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How to set up Dev, QA, Prod Environments for Alfresco 6.1?

Question asked by jigir.shah on May 15, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2019 by jigir.shah

Hello All,


I would like to know few most important things which we were doing for all other Alfresco versions in environments.

- How to setup Dev, QA and Prod environments if I have AWS servers? Assuming I have installed alfresco 6.1 using docker, where and how I can add my configurations to various properties?

- How to configure 2+2 nodes setup (2 for Alfresco and 2 for solr)? Where should I put all configurations like, IP addresses, solr configs, content store configs?

- If I want to change files like, catalina.bat, keystore,, global properties, other tomcat configuration files, then How can I do that if I have installed Alfresco using Docker?

- Which all Databases I can configure with 6.1 docker based Alfresco and how? OOTB I can see only postgres container related docker. 


It would be very helpful, if I can have official guide/documentation for setting up 6.1 using Docker with all custom configuration.



Jigir Shah