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How to Call a Repo Action from a Datatable

Question asked by bgkoneill on Jun 11, 2019
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Hi Guys,


Is there a way to call a custom Repo Action from an ADF component. 


I have a datatable that shows custom data for each data table row.  I have configured actions for each row in the table.  The action when clicked collects some form data (via a dialog) and then emits the collected data to the container component.  The container component should then call a Repo Action to carry out the work against the node.  I can see that there is an ACS Action service but it expects you to hook it up to an item in a DocumentList.  In my case I am using a Datatable so thats not possible.  So is there an equivalent Action Service I can use if using a datatable component row action.


On a side note, the DocumentList component is fantastic but is limited to an expectation that content lives in a folder.  One of the big advantages of Alfresco is that you can use metadata to categorise content and then aggregate it via that metadata.  The documentlist component cannot be used in that scenario and therefore all of the acs components that expect you to be working with items in the context of a DocumentList are not useable.  It would be fantastic if the DocumentList component could be changed to allow you to provide a cmis query to populate the list. 


Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.



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