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Document Rendering Service not working for new Documents Alfresco 6.1

Question asked by chrislorenz on Jun 11, 2019

Hi Community,


we just upgraded an Alfresco 5.2 System to 6.1. The Migration went fine, without any major problems.


We are now only facing one Issue. Whenever new Documents are uploaded to the Alfresco System, the Preview is not generated, even the Libre Office component is connected to the Document Transformation Service. This happens to all Documents, which are not PDFs.


In the catalina / alfresco log, the error is, even the Office Service is running an is connected to the System, as also seen in the Log

Caused by: java.lang.IllegalStateException: this OfficeManager is currently stopped

Any Ideas what the issue could be?


Attached is the catalina.out Log file from the Document Upload and rendering process. The Document itself is just a little docx / odt, with no special content in it, only 10 words written. Its also not hitting the Size limits, defined in the


Thanks for your help and your answer