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How to display custom model from sdk on Model Manager form

Question asked by viktoriyamoskovkina on Jun 19, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2019 by viktoriyamoskovkina

Good day.

I work with Sample multi-module project for All-in-One development on the Alfresco platform. I apply command in /bin/ to deploy my *.apm files. But in http://IP:8080/alfresco/s/admin/admin-repoconsole I can't see my model.

The result of the command "show models " is empty. on form http://IP:8080/share/page/console/admin-console/custom-model-manager I can't see my model too. But in repository my custom model exists.

How to display my custom model that I deploy from sdk on Alfresco forms "admin-repoconsole" or "model-manager" ?


Thank you.