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LDAP Synchronization, changes only, how to reset change date

Question asked by skushnerenko on Jun 26, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2019 by skushnerenko

Our Alfresco instance was set to synchronize with AD  changes only.



After some trouble with server infrastracture, last change was set as  Oct 4, 2037, so in alfresco.log we have

2019-06-26 14:49:23,391 INFO [] [localhost-startStop-1] Retrieving users changed since Oct 4, 2037 7:33:33 PM from user registry 'ldap1'

How to reset this date to current?

I have tried to restart alfresco in Full synchronization mode with


All users were synchronized but after returning to synchronizeChangesOnly mode and restarting alfresco, synchronization started since 2037 year again.