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Are there any Alfresco users here?

Question asked by jackjohn77 on Jun 28, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2019 by kgastaldo

This sub seems to be a PR dump, but I thought I might try to get some real input on Alfresco. It is being pushed pretty hard to our management by consultants, but here in the trenches, we are not so sure. If you have used Alfresco in the real world, can you tell me whether you went with Community or Enterprise? And how close to your experience is the review on 2013-05-24 from this page?This may sound strange, But I am aiming to add an Alfresco box as a front end to another, One that works by pulling data from another one.

I have tried allowing external access to the back end of a alfresco system from another on the same internal network but it doesnt seem to work. FetLife vshare