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Alfresco 6 hangs at Initializing Spring root WebApplicationContext

Question asked by nettania on Jul 3, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2019 by nettania

As already mentioned I am currently deploying Alfresco 6 for the first time on a W2019 server with PostgreSQL 11, tomcat 8 and openjdk 11.

Currentley everything seems to be configured in a proper way, but when I try to start the tomcat server, the server stucks at "Initializing Spring root WebApplicationContext" and the side is loading for an endless time without a result.

I have changed the log level to debug and now I can see the following error in the alfresco.log:

connect fail to tcp://localhost:61616, reason {} Connection refused: connect

Is this the reason why the application context is not loaded, and if so, how can I resolve it?