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Question asked by agustinlare on Jul 5, 2019
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First I wanna thank everyone, I'm a beginner at alfresco and kubernetes technology so sorry if I'm asking something dumb...


Short version:

I cant make the share pods post anything but ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED and theres no error in the logs. In fact all the logs are normal as far as i can tell.


Long version:

I'm deploying alfresco in a local kubernetes cluster (so is not a aws), at first I tried to work with the helm since i've already install another aplication with it but, had a million problems that didn't know how to solve them so I stick with the simple of all the posibilities in github Contributing guide, the docker-compose. 

I did make it work in my local machine, actually didnt have any trouble at all, and went head to make a new image with a couple of things, like ldap integration configuration and the postgres external database. 

But at my job they told me i shouldn't translate the docker-compose like it's shown here... and told me to make the yamls required to deploy the images that i've created, and so I did.



  • activemq
  • alfresco
  • share
  • solr


  • Modification of one we already have which I'll attached

PV and PVC

  • alfresco-search-solr
  • alfresco-volume


Alfresco, works fine, even with the dns.

Solr, works only if I curl with the ip and port.

Share, err_connection_refused


I been working and trying with this for almost 2 weeks now, and I feel I'm close of the end but can actually find the reason why isnt working properly.


Thank you in advance.

Kind regards,