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Cannot login anymore on Alfresco

Question asked by marius.dumitrache on Jul 10, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2019 by marius.dumitrache

Hi guys,


I have the following problem with my alfresco instance: the login page in alfresco returns the following message

Your authentication details have not been recognized or Alfresco may not be available at this time.

The alfresco installation has the following details:

1. CentOS 6 (up to date) 

2. Postgres 9.3 (up to date) 

3. Apache 7.0.6

4. Alfresco ver 5.0d


I use AD connection for user management, the AD is up and running and accessible from the Alfresco machine.

Up to 5 hours ago, I had no problem with it. 

I've tried shutting it down and restart it (also postgres and apache server) with no success.

I got no errors in the log files - see them attached.

The alfresco app is running (http://server:8080/alfresco, I cannot login to console, because I don't have the initial admin password)


Can anyone help me on this?