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How correctly override IntegrityChecker?

Question asked by ildar on Jul 15, 2019

Faced a problem in which memory is being filled while adding an association. And I need to override the method in the class AssocSourceMultiplicityIntegrityEvent.

List<AssociationRef> sourceAssocRefs = nodeService.getSourceAssocs(targetNodeRef, assocTypeQName);

The line above may have a result of one million entries, but for conditions only 2 entries are needed.


With the help of mybatis, I created a sql query that satisfies the conditions, and now I need to replace the string in the AssocSourceMultiplicityIntegrityEvent class. But for this I need to create my own IntegrityChecker, because it cannot be inherited correctly from it. Are there other methods to solve this problem?


Alfresco Repository 5.2