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Review and Approval workflow process

Question asked by aishu on Jul 17, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2019 by aishu

Dear Team,

I have written java script for Review and Approval workflow process (activiti$activitiReviewPooled),


Now i need to move files from the current folder to an "approval" folder when the files are approved or to the "rejection" folder when the files are rejected.


What should i do in script,

Please refer the script and suggest!


var workflow = actions.create("start-workflow");
workflow.parameters.workflowName = "activiti$activitiReviewPooled";
workflow.parameters["bpm:workflowDescription"] = "Please assign approver for "+;
workflow.parameters["bpm:groupAssignee"] = people.getGroup("GROUP_cadgroup");
workflow.parameters["bpm:sendEMailNotifications"] = true;