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best approach to ask metadata when uploading a file

Question asked by jmichelot on Jul 19, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2019 by jmichelot

Hello !


I am in the process of building a prototype using Alfresco.


We have several use cases that we try to implement in Alfresco (community) to see if the product is a good fit for us.


One of them is something that I thought was part of the core of any EDM : ask for metadata when uploading a certain kind of documents. (It is pretty straight forward to do it with sharepoint).


For now, I found that in Alfresco, you can upload a doc, then apply a specific aspect to it, then edit the properties. So you would be able to set your metadata.


I guess you could set also a workflow on a folder to apply the aspect automatically. But still, our users would have to edit manually the properties to add their metadata.


It is not really what we are looking for. We want to be sure that each uploaded file has its metadata filled.


Do you think there might be another approach that doesn't require heavy developement ? I was told about an addon, uploader-plus, but I am a bit reluctant to use it :


- you can apply types but no aspects

- it is not part of the core, so I am worry about maintenance issues (last version from 2017 I believe)


Thanks a lot for your thoughs on this matter,


Best regards,


Julien Michelot