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Can't access Shared Admin Tools

Question asked by hussain on Jul 30, 2019
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I just started with Alfresco Community 6.1.2. Installed it on a fresh VM running CentOS 7. I differed from the instructions in Tomcat installation; instead of downloading it, I used

yum install tomcat

. Then I installed MariaDB, created a database, etc.

After a couple of small hiccups, I got Tomcat and Alfresco to start. I opened the page at http://<servername>:8080 which showed a menu with 2 choices. I selected "Alfresco Repository" which took me to http://<servername>:8080/alfresco and showed 11 choices. I selected "Alfresco Admin Console". This gave a basic authentication popup and I used admin/admin there.

Now I see the system summary.


This is where I am at the moment. According to the documentation, there should be an option here to show the Shared Admin Tools

Either something's missing from the docs or I missed some step.