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Inherited rules not being applied to all sub-folders

Question asked by stevem on Aug 2, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2019 by stevem

Hi All.


I have a very strange issue with inherited rule sets on Alfresco Community 6.0.1


Some new folders are not displaying the "rules" icon when created, even though the folder states it "This folder inherits rules from it's parent" when selecting manage rules on the folder.


All sub-folders in this older display the same issue i.e. not rule icon displayed for the folder but manage rules states that rules are inherited.....


The end result of this is that documents uploaded to these folders are not having the rules run against them that add properties and aspects and then set those values automatically.


I have attached some images to show this an would be very interested in why this would possibly happen...


As you can see the folder in the first image titled "GWB Machine Tools (NZ) Ltd - CL142190"


does not display the rules icon.


However, the second image shows that this folder inherits rules from its parent.


There rules are ALL inherited from a "rule set" applied to the "Clients" folder in the hierarchy and should apply to ALL subfolders under this. As can be seen, other folders do display the rules icon correctly and their content has the rules applied correctly.



It seems that adding any sub-folder to a folder with inherited rules does not show the rule icon, does show that the sub-folder inherits rules from it's parent but does not apply the rules to content added to the sub-folder