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Alfresco database migration

Question asked by vipul_nimbale on Aug 4, 2019
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Hi All,


I am migrating the Alfresco 4.1.x from one server to another server on Windows. I have copied all content stores from source server to destination server.

I getting the issue while initializing the database. I installed Alfresco version 4.1.x version on my machine . given the path of content direct in path for content root directory.

When I start the server it creates the database but not inserting data related to my old content. I am expecting data for my Old content too. but I am not seeing any details of my content.


I can I copy old db data to new DB sever. I am using MS SQL server I am using import and export wizard of SQL server


But getting issue of foreign key constraint.


Can any body suggest how can I export Old database into new database.


Please Help.