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Creating folder with a leading dot (.) makes folder as hidden folder

Question asked by rohitbatta01 on Aug 8, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2019 by rohitbatta01

I have started using alfresco 6 months ago to integrate it with an application using OpenCMIS java client. I have started using alfresco content services 5.2 community version for development.


Recently, we have installed Alfresco content services community 6.1.1 to another machine and we have encountered an issue, which is not occurring on the older version. 


When you upload a folder/file with a name starting with a dot("."), it is marked as Hidden (P:sys: hidden). Due to which it is not visible in the integrated application, CMIS workbench or in Share application. But, when I use a query on cmis workbench, folder/file is shown in results. 

This is not occurring on the older version. I have checked "What's new in Alfresco Content Services" documents also. But, I didn't figure out any change. 


I have found via CMIS workbench that P:sys:hidden aspect is enabled on Alfresco on the both installation. 


I found an issue ticket on Alfresco issue tracker [MNT-18787] CMIS: Creating content with a leading dot. But it is resolved as "Won't Fix".#


I would expect it would be a configurational fix. Any help would be appreciated.