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ADF for Activiti (systemjs.config.js file problem

Question asked by alfresco_one on May 25, 2017
Latest reply on May 26, 2017 by eugenio_romano



I am developing a POC for Activiti using ADF. I am following this link for creating the app. At some point it says to add few entries to systemjs.config.js. I am not sure how to add the entries into this file.



Add the following components to your systemjs.config.js file:

  • ng2-translate
  • alfresco-js-api
  • ng2-alfresco-core
  • ng2-activiti-form
  • ng2-alfresco-datatable
  • ng2-activiti-tasklist

Please refer to the following example file: systemjs.config.js

But when I click on the systemjs.config.js link, I see error.


please guide, Thank you