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How to get files list of a shared folder using rest api?

Question asked by dmitriyp on Oct 31, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2017 by dmitriyp


I have Alfresco Community 5.2.0


I need to get a filelist from some shared folder.

It is need for external application on android which I am developing.

The Application should get a filelist of folder, parse it and get files with names and descriptions, then user can download one or several of them.


I would like to use rest api.

I found out how authorize and get ticket by get-request.


Then I need to get a filelist from shared folder (it's name is test).


get-request work fine if i logged in via browser.


And i get the content of this folder (filesm descriptions and etc)


But if I logged out from alfresco and try get-request with alf_ticket, it doesn't work. ticket is valid


I receives an error


"status": {
"code": 500,
"name": "Internal Error",
"description": "An error inside the HTTP server which prevented it from fulfilling the request."
"message": "09310019 Failed to execute script 'classpath*:alfresco/site-webscripts/org/alfresco/components/documentlibrary/data/surf-doclist.get.js': 09310018 09310019 Failed to run action evaluator: 09310018 User ID must exist and cannot be guest.",
"exception": "",
"callstack": [],
"server": "Spring WebScripts - v6.5.0 schema 1,000",
"time": "Oct 31, 2017 4:42:10 PM"


if ticket is invalid, it's ok, I receive status 401 Unauthorized